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August 11, 2012  [Your Letters, Small Group Stories] We have women and marriages here in our church who will NEVER BE THE SAME!!!  I have story after story to share with you, but wanted you to know that in each of my classes this past session, I had women who told me privately (and one told the whole class!) that they were “all done” with their marriage.  Friends had convinced them to come, but they were not interested, in hearing that THEY were the ones who might need to consider changing (unless it was changing husbands!)   God is so faithful.  One of them was even the one I met with that night about a month ago who was withholding sex from her husband because she felt like God was calling her to do that in order for him to reach her husband!  We had a truly remarkable meeting that night.  I asked the questions you taught me, and God showed up in a huge way that surprised both of us and truly set her free.  It was incredible.  She came the next week, and immediately when she walked in, several people said, “You look pretty tonight.”  She did!  She was glowing… she shared with everyone about wrestling with God after our one on one meeting, about how He set her free, and about how she’s come to love her husband again… and even desire him.  There was not a dry eye in the room!  Those kind of miracles are something I don’t want to miss out on!  The other session the exact same thing happened… when the girl walked in, her best friend said, “you look really good lately… what are you doing?!”  Crazy… what she’s doing is letting God work on her!  The best beauty secret ever!  I loved it!  She also said that she is horrified that she had gone to our pastor in January to ask him to counsel them through what she was sure was headed toward divorce.  Now she and her husband are working together to spiritually parent their teenage son differently.  What a testimony!

I have so many small stories, but had to encourage you with these two miracles!  My Wednesday morning class is on week 4 this week, and because they all have heard about the class from friends, they all came in the first day HUNGRY for this!  They wouldn’t leave when it was over, they are begging me to share more, they are emailing me their testimonies midweek… they are like God Empowered Wife nerds!  😉  You would love them!  Love,   – Renee, Texas USA

We’ve known each other now five years and I have so loved first having you in my classes and study groups, watching God move in your life in amazing ways; and then supporting and encouraging you as you began teaching your own groups. Your stories always uplift me and give me encouragement as well and I treasure your faithfulness in helping women open the door to God’s power in their lives and marriages.
Karen, currently in Perth, Australia 





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