Another Letter to Tracey

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dreamstime_xs_10970576June 12, 2013 [Your Letters, Death, Living Faith] (Another response to “In Death and Life – Tracey’s Story)  I’ve just finished reading Tracey’s story with my tears keeping rolling down and crumbled tissues scattered around me. The hymn of “This is my story, this is my song” went around my ears. I sobbed uncontrollably, blowing my nose from time to time. I’ve never been so emotional.When putting their love story together, I marvelled at their amazing life blessed by God. A godly,fruitful and enlightening marriage. The most touching story I have ever read because it is a truly true story which brings us the most powerful testimony. I enjoy the mixed feeling I have in my reading: growing in pain, joyfulness in grief and wisdom in blessing. I just feel so blessed to be led becoming God’s children, the most hopeful children on earth.

I wanted you to know I visited the church and met Tracey in Sunday Service yesterday. Every movement and every action she made to me is so contagious that I just wanted to cry. She understands my current situation very well and encourages my daughter to understand me and study hard. She is happy because she knows very well that she has nothing but God. I see Gaham’s legacy in her and feel that Gaham is still with us. When I say “us”, I mean Tracey and all the people who know something of this godly man. We all have our stories and our songs which are painful but beautiful and encouraging. I now see my agony as God’s election. I am selected to live in and through Him to glorify Him. It is such a privilege. I have not got out of my bad experience but I am sure I am getting better and better.
Appreciate your sharing.
Hui Zhong

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