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In late 2004, Karen began studying biblical counseling through Jay Adams and NANC, and it was as she began applying these principles to her life that everything changed. Less than a year later, with a yearning prayer to serve God full-time, she was released from her position in business and went into full time ministry, writing and teaching, sharing with others how the Bible applied in the most practical and realistic way to the messy realities of everyday life.
Her first book, The God Empowered Wife, released on Jan 1, 2008, focuses on the challenges and joys of marriage in a fresh, dynamic way unlike any other biblically based teaching today. It is still climbing in sales, and still changing lives and marriages in dramatic ways.  Speaking of her past marriages, Karen Haught says, “I am not proud of my past, but I never hide it, because I want people to know what  a mess I made of my life without God, and how different it is now lived in His Truth.  That difference points people to God and glorifies His power and Truth. It is amazing God is using me to teach on marriage,” she says with surprise and awe, “but it is all part of God’s plan to glorify Himself. So many women have said they always sat in the back of the church and would never have attended a Bible Study before because they were so ashamed of their past. . . . ‘but you’re so much worse, and look what God has done! ” 
Karen began working on her second book on Idols of the Heart in 2009, but completion was delayed by an unexpected 3 1/2 year move to Perth, Australia.  Their time in Australia ended in February 2013 and they returned to Houston where she enjoys serving in the church with her husband, writing, speaking, and spending time with family. Jim continues to serve as a consultant and enjoys golfing.
Karen travels to other countries for several weeks each year to teach and lead conferences. The teaching environments have been all over the world and have included everything from wealthy megachurches to bush village churches, from established communities to UN refugee camps, from private homes to prisons, and across all denominations and faiths. Her talks always include the Gospel and are founded on solid biblical principles shared in a lively, interactive manner full of practical examples.

Her seminar is available for download in three albums on iTunes and Amazon Music. The Spanish edition of “God Empowered Wife” (La Esposa en el Poder de Dios) is available now. The Swahili, Arabic, and Portuguese editions will be following shortly.

Contact Karen at kbhaught@godempowered.com for more information.





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