A Side of Picky Eating with a Main Course of God.

Share Button      Karen, I feel I was saved years ago, but I don’t think I really go it until about 2 months ago. I FINALLY understand how I can rest in Christ for everything I need – approval, acceptance, security, protection – and that I received all of that before I did ANYTHING to obey, but my obedience NOW is because I’ve been accepted, not to gain acceptance. 

I’m sure His allowing me to have a baby sped up this process!  The feelings of being out of control having a toddler who is almost 2, praise God, can be overwhelming… Well it used to be.  I use the term ‘used to’ for just about all other areas in my daughter’s life but one area I still holding on to and am asking for your help/verification based on my awakened and rebirthed understanding of the Gospel: my daughter is a picky eater.. for whatever reason…Her tastes change so it’s hard to figure out.  I’ve gotten so much advice, done so much research, and tried to evaluate everything, I’m getting confused. Here’s what bothers me:  I say I’m a Christ follower, but now that numerous people have labeled my daughter – even me (said guiltily)- I feel tied to the world and how to remedy the situation.  I can’t help but think I’m falling into the idol trap with her eating . . .

.No doctor has mentioned she is lacking nutrition nor has she been showing signs of poor nutrition, though her sleep and diet haven’t been consistent; maybe her growth is slowing, or it’s a way for them to reject choices others are offering. As a Christ follower shouldn’t I be doing what I can to make her choices healthy as best as I can and TRUSTING God for her health and relying on Christ for the approval of my mom that she is finally eating, as well as my husband who is not a believer? Shouldn’t I be just doing the best I can without being emotionally tied to HER choices that they are not MINE and I can’t force her to eat?

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse.. there are times I’m ‘over’ the idol because I’m focusing on the Gospel and then, like now, I’m back wondering what else can I do?   I am so tired of this and maybe it’s at the forefront of my mind because my daughter was up with my parents all week where they provided the food and would tell me about how much she ate or more than likely did not eat.  Yep.. I just thought of it.. that is probably WHY. I sincerely appreciate your feedback as a sister in Christ and mentor.  Amanda.

I’m so glad to get your letter and hear of your transformation of faith!! Praise God!  I do hear some idols in there…so just identify and confess them and then move forward, making sure your motivation is always to please God and nothing else. You can tell when it’s something else because you get mad or frustrated or afraid. God promises peace of God and fruit of the Spirit when we are seeking to please Him. It is the idolatry that causes all the confusion. I can give more info later, but first, what does your husband say about all this? That’s important even though he’s not a believer cause God has him as the head and if you trust God in that, He will begin leading you through your hubby in this challenging area.


Hi Karen!
Thank you for such a succinct explanation about what I was experiencing.  When I wrote to you this morning, my stomach was still a bit knotted, and I had understood I was back in an old frame of mind feeling like I had a weight on my shoulders/veil over my body and I was praying all morning for God to remove it.  I was asking Him to reveal to me root of what I was thinking last night.  Sometime after I hit ‘send’, I realized that I could stop searching for a fix–you, the books I’m reading, people’s advice, Internet research–my problem was I stopped trusting HIM and thought I knew better, and was trying to find a way to control my husband, my daughter, you name it. If the President was around, he wouldn’t have been safe either!
And over the last couple of weeks, I’ve backslid to some of my old ways (but thankfully not as deep) and have been able to go to God and pray, and being restored to Him.  I also felt a strong desire to ask if a friend could meet so we could pray about this situation that seems to bring out my idols.  She agreed and it was amazing.. she prayed  (which actually got rid of her headache) and God helped me to see something I hadn’t gone to Him with.  My sinful heart doesn’t want to submit to him, and it wants to gain his approval.  When, in obedience to God, I should submit to him and not look for his approval.  What a revelation!  God is so amazing!!
So, back to your question, my husband is more concerned than I am.  My husband had a suggestion which last night I growled at, but today I’m good to submit to..last night. While I was reading I asked him (between my directing and coercing I was actually able to step back for a second)  if I find useful information that we could use, would he be interested in hearing about it. He said certainly. I am in a much calmer state of mind and my heart is once again right with God.  Emoji Take care and may God bless you and your family.



Your testimony of turning to a sister in Christ for prayer is so beautiful and your humbleness a wonderful example for me of how we are to fellowship and lean on one another. I love your honesty and transparency. It’s great too, to see how God changed your heart about hearing your husband’s suggestion and giving it a go, yet not taking on the role of a servant or doormat, but a wife and mother who loves and trusts God enough to honor your husband’s leadership. I think that testifies much more powerfully to your husband about God than anything else you could say or do.

We never stop vacillating in this struggle to trust God or ourselves, and that isn’t the goal…the goal is just to recognize our sinful nature more and more and come to that position that you so beautifully identified with these words: “My sinful heart doesn’t want to submit to him, and it wants to gain his approval.  When, in obedience to God, I should submit to him and not look for his approval.  What a revelation!  God is so amazing!!”   It is a position of humble, grateful, joyful, peaceful submission . . . not an accomplishment. Affectionately,



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