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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-middleage-chinese-woman-image16910088April 18, 2013  [Your Letters, Abortion, Persecution]
Hi, Karen,
Thank you very much for the stories all the way through. I am deeply impressed by the abortion issue, in sadness, as I have got abortion done three times.  It is out of my control, of course. I am pretty sure you know of our “one child” policy.  So, abortion becomes compulsory. Because it is compulsory, I have never thought of its spiritual or emotional consequences. Besides, I had the abortion by taking tablets instead of surgery. It is not painful, just bleeding. I was in my thirties back then and physically well.

I even appreciated the latest technology blessed us so that I could get away from the pain in a surgery. I had no clue why “white people” are fussy about abortion (It is not hurtful) until I become a Christian. I now understand it is a murder of an innocent tender life which devastates our life. The life given by our God. We are blessed by God. That’s why we do not have the right to ruin our life by killing a life. I know that I have got fairly good reason for my abortions because the government did not allow me to be pregnant. But I still need repent my sin.

In my case, I want my husband use condom. Sometimes he is lazy and would think it inconvenient to him and we ended up with no safety. He has changed in this circumstance after my third abortion. I have heard some women around me complaining of their husbands’ not understanding them. Husbands would think “It’s OK. Nothing serious.” Seldom do they understand abortion is, at least, hurtful to women’s physical health, let alone thinking of murdering an innocent life. I think it is our social attitude toward abortion. Even as a woman, I hardly realized its harmful consequences. It is a society lack of sexual education. Sex is normally connected to pornography and moral degeneration. That is why we normally would not talk about sex in public. Occasionally, sex could be mentioned in a small circle and it must be a same sex circle.  

Adultery is on the rise and abortion is becoming a bigger and bigger business in my country.  Here, government is the absolute authority. No one can say “no” to government. It is about individual  against or for government. Very serious. </em><em>Thanks for your post. Otherwise I would not reflect my past. Hopefully there are no big mistakes in my English. You can post my testimony on your website but fake name and picture please. I have to be very aware of my safety, even on Internet. 

Thanks for your encouragement which gives me guts to continue my spiritual journey.
Best regard,

(in deference to this writer’s safety, I have used a fake name that means “happiness, joy” in her language, and a fake picture. Authorities in this country search the Internet constantly. One American church posted on its website that it had purchased a bus for an NGO in that country, an organization that cared for orphaned children. Within weeks, the authorities in that country confiscated the bus because they had read the post.)

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