A House for the Heart

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October 10, 2012 [Your Letters] 10 years ago when I was “house shopping” I started without consulting God, then partway through realized I hadn’t sought His guidance and with genuine repentance I asked Him for help.  I then went so far as to ask Him that if He heard me if he could show me in his word that He did.  I then opened my Bible to the page where I had left off from having read it sometime days or so before and my eyes went straight to this:  “For Thou, O my God, hast revealed to Thy servant that Thou wilt build for him a house; therefore Thy servant hath found courage to pray before Thee.” -1Chronicles 17:25.  After realing from the shock I zipped my eyes across to the other side of the page and they immediately locked on this verse: “Moreover, I tell you that the Lord will build a house for you.” -1 Chronicles 17:10.

Needless to say…I was on my face before Him.  And He is true to His word…he gave us a house better that we had been looking for and made it affordable!  Now, fast forward 10 years down the road, and we are in the process of finding a house for our son to live in while at college…I learned from the last time to seek God first.  It’s still nerve racking, but today is the day the seller is supposed to decide which offer he will accept from a couple of offers, mine included.  I asked God again if He could give me some words of wisdom from His word – not neccesarily words to say I will get the house – I’m beyond that – I wanted Him to know my heart, that whatever He decides is good with me and I just wanted a word for comfort more than anything.

So, I sat down, Bible in lap, closed my eyes, opened it and plopped my finger on the page.  Lo and behold I opened it to 1 Chronicles 17 (and in a different Bible from the first time!).  Just below was where I had written notes about the significance of v 25.  In large part from what I learned from you Karen about idols of the heart…I did not take this to mean that God was going to grant me this house, because it still doesn’t matter if He does or doesn’t, what matters is that my heart was right before Him and He was letting me know that he could see that it was focused on Him and not the house.  If he decides to let the house come our way, that’s just icing on the cake, but it was profoundly deep to know that He knew what was truly in my heart, and that was to accept whatever He had to say to me. I can’t nearly express it in writing as powerfully as it has struck me in spirit.

In Him,
~Marian~ (Houston, Texas)



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